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Dec. 21st, 2010

Livejournal had a hissy, I have no idea why it didn't like this post. But hopefully it's right now.

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just under the wire

I know I'm late, but... here it is. My usual big fat christmas music sharing explosion. I didn't divide it into types or genres, though I did have to split it into two posts, and I haven't even finished descriptions yet, but I didn't want to wait any more once I got everything uploaded. Everything's on mediafire, and please let me know if there are any problems with the links.

What I've put up are the things I've acquired over this year, not my whole collection; as always, if there's something you want and don't see here, please feel free to ask and I'll do what I can. Merry Christmas!

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Dec. 10th, 2009

More Christmas music

-- and by the way, if you have any requests, feel free to ask. I'm not promising anything, but I'll do my best :)

So next, I'm throwing up all the collections and compilation Christmas albums that I've... compiled this year. heh.

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Dec. 10th, 2009

Well, it's Christmas, and my friends have had to put up with my crazy Christmas music thing oh... since just about November 1. And you'd think they suffered enough, just being my friends, wouldn't you? hahaha.

Anyways. I was going to do it like last year and post every week, but I already missed a week, and then I realised I'm leaving next Saturday with very sketchy internet access for two weeks, so - change of plans.

So over the next few days I'll be getting up the links to all the Christmas music I've accumulated since last Christmas. I'm going to split it up into categories, though, to help it be more manageable, and it'll all be cut tagged so as not to annoy too greatly.

So! OK! Here we go.

I ended up with a lot of country Christmas music this year, I have no idea why, and for no particular reason, I'll start with that.

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Nov. 22nd, 2006


Anyone interested in being a co-moderator for poprecs_request and or popstoryfinders ??

I'm still around, of course, but not checking as often as I should. I'd feel better having someone else to keep an eye for off topic posts.

Leave a comment, and I'll get in touch -- they're screened for this entry.

-- edited to add -- thanks for the response, it's covered :)

Apr. 25th, 2000

friends only. if you need to contact me, feel free to leave a comment (they're screened on this entry) or email me at lemniskate@livejournal.com